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Exhaust Systems


ER Muffler and Brakes offers the highest quality exhaust systems available. 
No matter what year, make or model your vehicle, we carry OEM/stock replacement parts for car and truck exhaust system as well as proven aftermarket replacement parts including Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Walker, DynoMax and Thrush. 
We do 3 1/2"- 4" - 5" Diesel System's, and we have chrome and stainless tips in stock from 1 1/2" to 6".


Understand that a high-pitched scraping or squealing noise that goes away when you step on the brake tells you that the brake pads are worn - but only with brake pads that have wear sensors attached.
Note that a grinding, metal-against-metal sound when braking indicates that it's too late: Your brake pads or shoes are completely worn away, and you are now ruining the rotors or drums. You should have gotten the brakes checked earlier!
Consider your rotors if you feel a pulsation when stepping on the brake pedal, particularly when braking at higher speeds. This symptom may indicate warped brake rotors. The rotors will need to be either machined or replaced.
We specialize in custom exhaust work and carry most of the major brands.
Satisfying our customers with the looks and sound that they want is our goal. We carry a variety of specialty exhaust components such as single chamber mufflers, straight through mufflers, bullet mufflers, and more.
ER Muffler and Brakes fully welds your custom exhaust system for strength and longevity unless it is specified by you otherwise. 
Custom Exhausts

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•   Brake Lines
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•   Ball Joints
•   Coil Springs
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•   C.V. Joints U-Joints
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